COVID-19 Hit Americans Hard

We at VST, in recognition that many Americans are struggling with tighter finances and remote workspace accessibility, created a program designed to assist companies and their employees in these efforts.
“VST Gives Back” provides wireless setup and computer troubleshooting to companies and their employees when hardship stands in the way.

Scope of Assistance

VST Gives Back dedicates a total of 70+ hours towards helping the Community.
To this end the program provides the following services:
-Network Equipment Setup-
-Network Equipment Configuration-
-Remote Access Application Installation-
-Troubleshooting Pertaining to Remote Connectivity-

*Requests for services outside of this scope may not be covered by VST Gives Back,
at the discretion of Virtual Support Teks.

Please contact us by phone, email or via the form below:
Phone: 440-678-8357  Email:

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